Yarn Advent Calendar 2024

Mockingbird Lane

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!! Pre Order for this calendar closes May 31st 2024!!

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Little Bishes Stitches Presents

Mockingbird Lane

A Munsters inspired Advent Calendar

One of my favorite TV Shows growing up was the Munsters. This sit come was a satire about a family of ghouls who came from the old country of Transylvania that also happened to live in a normal neighborhood outside of Los Angeles, California.

Each episode was an entertaining escapade where one of the characters attempted to achieve and benefit from the American Dream like everyone else. Although their plans often failed as a result of their ghoulish-ness, the episode often ended with a quirky grand finale with an ironic twist on the moral of the story.

What you can expect from this Advent Calendar:

Speckled and tonal colorways that are one of a kind and dyed with gothic vintage colors. These colorways will also be dyed with inspiration from my favorite Munsters Episodes. 

Advent Calendar Options:

Choose between the following options in either our Soft Sock-, Non Superwash Merino- or Merino Cotton Fingering yarn bases:

  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins.
  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins + 1 100g Skein.
  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins + 1 100g Skein + Extras (Details below).

 Calendar option „24/20g Mini Skeins + 100g Skein + Extras“

This portion of our calendar includes Extras from surprise Makers who passionately create Gothic Style Crochet and Knitting Equipment.