YARNIYO "Khaki" Rice Project Bag
YARNIYO "Khaki" Rice Project Bag

YARNIYO "Khaki" Rice Project Bag

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Color: Khaki

Material: Dry Oilskin (100% cotton), cotton fabric (lining), volume fleece.


Height: 28 cm (incl. drawstring)
Bottom: approx. 20 x 20 cm

About the Bag:

This beautiful RiceBag made of DryOilskin in the color "Khaki" finally ensures order for knitting and crochet work.

This bag is visually the modern version of the Japanese Komebukuro. Through the brown colored drawstring you can open or close it quickly and by feeding it with volume fleece and the square bottom it remains open like a basket. This makes it ideal for knitting and crochet projects.

The bag has 2 inside pockets. The 1st inner pocket has a medium-sized compartment and two small compartments e.g. for crochet/knitting needles, scissors, pen or other accessories. The 2nd inner pocket is a large pocket e.g. for a folded manual. It also has a carabiner for mesh markers. It was created according to a pattern of kzstevens.

DryOilskin is a guarded canvas fabric. It has a dry handle and does not grease. Due to the coating, it is water and dirt repellent. It is not washable. It is enough to simply wipe it off. Do not iron. The creases created during processing are part of the intended used look and do not constitute a reason for complaint.

This bag also has the option to add a leather strap (strap can be ordered through the YARNIYO Etsy Shop).

Depending on the cut of the fabric, the pattern may vary slightly.