How to Be a Better Knitter

Like many Makers who enjoy knitting, I am on a learning journey to improve my knitting skills. In order to achieve this I decided to put more focus on growing and strengthening my skills, with the goal of having more confidence when learning new techniques, while not being influenced personal expectations.

What really opened my eyes to knitting with more confidence and being less stressed from my personal expectations were the podcasts from Irina of Fiber Chats, Norman of Nimbleneedlez and Andrea Mowry of “I Will Knit if I want to.

Fiber Chats is a wonderful Youtube channel where you can go down the rabbit hole of intellectual interviews on many topics pertaining to the learning process of a knitter, as well as understanding ourselves and how we relate to the crafts we love to do. She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to lace knitting and offers Youtube episodes on other fiber crafts such as embroidery and crochet. Hearing the dialogue in her episode How to become a better knitter, let me know, that we are all unique in our own way when making and there is no right or wrong way when crafting.

While Norman from Nimbleneedlez offers an encyclopedia of tutorials on his channel where he explains in depth and not to mention, in a very supportive way, how you can tackle knitting woes such as getting gauge, understanding needle sizes, and how to choose the best yarn for you and how to store it. This resource has been great when I am not getting any further with a project. With the help of his channel I can solve my problem fast so that I can well, keep knitting ;). Norman has tons of videos from A-Z on all those questions one has when it comes to knitting. This cuts your search time down significantly and saves you hours of searching the inter webs for that one video that will hopefully solve your problem.

Andrea Mowry, the host of the Youtube series, “I will Knit if I want to” chats with her audience in the cozy setting of her creative space, where many of her amazing patterns were born. I am a huge fan of the patterns from Andrea Mowry, because not only are her patterns amazingly beautiful, they are such a pleasure to knit. Her patterns range from accessories to immaculate slouchy sweaters that are just out of this world! For me personally, the style of her instructions gives me the confidence to knit patterns that seem complicated in their design, without having to be on an extraordinary knitting level, like yesterday. In her weekly podcast Andrea conducts a Q & A where she reads aloud E-Mail questions she receives from knitters from all of the world. This has also been an incredible help while on my knitting journey, because it has given me direct access to a resource where I can learn more skills about the knitting craft within one arena.

Norman from Nimbleneedlez - Austria
Instagram: @nimbleneedlez
Youtube: @NimbleNeedles
Irina of Fiberchats – US based
Youtube: @fiberchats
Instagram: @fiberchats
Andrea Mowry – US based
Youtube: @dreareneeknits
Instagram: @dreareneeknits

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