Rituals and Organization - Being Present and Bullet Journal-ing

The Saga continues, how can I do it “better”. This sentence was my mantra in the final days of 2021. Let’s be honest, life can be busy. This shouldn’t mean however, while life is happening in the background, that we must lose our mind doing the things we love, like dying tons of hand dyed yarn, ha!. We just need, well…a plan and a starting point.  For me I needed a station and a visualization in order to carry this all out. Two key words came to mind: Balance and Overview.

Create balance through Ritual - I decided to set up a small table in my living room where I would have only a few items that are paramount in resetting my mind, ie. candle, incense, a keepsake with meaning and a plant. These objects would be simple and require minimal management. The space is simple, energy emanating and uncluttered. This table would be my starting point of the day or the place to go when things get fuzzy. It would be a place where I would come to this table, light a candle as well as a stick of incense. The candle would be the light and inspiration for my day and the incense would a method of clearing the air in order to a restart. This ritual would create balance, but also encourage me to be present at least once before starting my day. With more balance in my life, I would have a better channel for my creative outlet while in the dye studio.

Overview through Organization - Many moons ago I heard of a great way to organize your life, they called it “Bullet Journal-ing”. After seeing all of the symbols and the post-its involved, I decided not to do this to myself and just bought a normal planer. That unfortunately didn’t work either. Somehow, I needed all my thoughts for the week on one page and not scattered across three. After watching a few YouTube videos, one of them being Andrea Mowry’s I will Knit if I want to, I decided that I would in fact give this crazy thing called bullet journal-ing a try. Not making too many promises to myself, I bought a journal on Amazon and set up shop with a beginner concept that would be significant in organizing the daily tasks of Little Bishes Stitches Hand Dyed Yarn. Tomorrow I will be starting my second week of bullet journal-ing and I must admit, so far so good. This might just be after all the method I had been looking for all along. It is a great way to map out the plans for the studio that day as well as generate lists for stock updates.

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