Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who are just discovering Little Bishes Stitches Hand Dyed Yarn!


My name is Cat. I am an American Indie Yarn Dyer, a mother of two, married and living in Hagen Germany.


We moved here from New York in 2011. It was quite an adjustment, but nevertheless I enjoy living here, not to mention having close access to the other European countries. I very much enjoy culture, art and cusine. Sometimes my husband makes fun of me because I am always on a mission to find the next good restaurant or bakery. From Italian to French I love experiencing other cultures and learning more about them. I guess in some ways, that is how I landed in Germany any way.


But I digress, back to the yarn…In 2014 I began my knitting journey which enabled me to stumble upon the world of hand dyed yarn. Just like that I was completely enthralled and started dying yarn myself. Dying yarn was a way for me to not only tap into my creative outlet but also to share the happiness hand dyed yarn gives me, with others. 


In 2018 I founded Little Bishes Stitches. The name was a catcht conglomerate that popped into my head one day while knitting in the kitchen. In that moment I reflected on two things that made me very happy: my children = Bishes; Knitting = stitches. Starting off small I opened a shop via Etsy for a brief period of time. Two years later I opened my own website where I offered my hand dyed yarn as well as other handmade products from fellow makers both local and International.


This has been an amazing time for growth, both personally and creatively. Dying yarn has given solace to the creativity I once practiced daily many moons ago and had been since then, unfortunately forced to ignore, due to the reality of making a living in the arts. With this awakening I formed even bigger dreams of one day offering makers of the knitting and crocheting communities a location, where learning and an exchange of knowledge can flourish. This commercial location would both function as a yarn store as well as community spot.


Where am I with those dreams? On a journey and I look forward to every stepping stone on the way to my destination. I have learned so much being a part of the fiber community and very much enjoy communicating with my customers. It is your support and feedback that helps Little Bishes Stitches grow and for that I am forever grateful!