Colorway Inspiration and Process:

Process: A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a specific end.

One of the reasons why I started hand dying yarn is because of my love of process and color. This process fulfills me and is extremely therapeutic and I cherish it very much!

There is a definite process when creating a colorway and since I am by no means a linear thinker, it can certainly take a bit of refining until my vision is fulfilled. A process consists of steps or if you will, layers. This is very similar to the layers of a colorway.

I consider myself a spontaneous yarn dyer whose inspiration has several sources: mood, emotion, an idea and sometimes the cosmos of speckles from other colorways. Occasionally I will draw my ideas for the composition for a new colorway. However, I realized that this only holds me back in my creative process and keeps me from staying open for new inspiration at the moment of execution.

From either source, I enter the studio with an idea and a feeling, which decides if the next colorway will be a speckled or tonal colorway. As I begin to mix the colors, the base composition comes to me. I am always in awe when mixing colors, especially when the result was unintentional. It is a beautiful moment that often inspires future colorways. As a result colorways such as Draconia and Minimalistic were also created as a result of this process.

Another source of inspiration has come from creating one of a kind colorways for our Yarn Clubs such as the mini sets from our The Mini Things in Life Yarn Club. The Mini Sets for this yarn club have also inspired other speckled and tonal colorways as well as Mini Skein Sets that have become permanent sets in the shop. 

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