Doing My Part as a Maker - Listen, Reflect, Connect

Handwork is powerful. It is a form of communication and expression. It is a  looking glass and communicator of how the the maker perceives their environment, community and the world. Handwork also creates a dialogue. Through dialogue, a powerful force can be conjured, where awareness is raised, people come together and ultimately change can be made. I like to think of this as LRC - Listen, Reflect and Connect.

When the events in the Ukraine started to unfold, it was important to me to help initiate just that in my maker community and even more important, that the Ukraine heard my voice. The first thing that came to mind, was that the people who were fleeing or would soon be living without the quality of life the knew before this all started, would be cold, traumatized and hungry. My instinct was to activate those in my community to create and donate. I then became active on Instagram and set up a donation campaign where 10% of the sales from  Little Bishes Stithes are donated to @caritas_international so that the people of the Ukraine in some way could get the supplies they desperately needed. As a mother, Indie Dyer and person it is very important to me to do my part and to give back. I hope that my efforts and voice will make a difference in the lives of the Ukrainian people. But also initiate Listen, Reflect and Connect.

This Blog post does not have a political agenda or message. I am no way a political person, in fact I have I no interest. I am a listener and I am listening to the situation and to the people involved. If anything my agenda is peace and to remind my fellow humans to activate their humanitarian force, and more importantly, to listen, reflect, connect.