Finding Time to Knit


Before I started hand dying yarn, I would knit for hours a day. It was a daily ritual that never came too short. I would knit after work, on a Saturday morning or all day on Sunday while watching podcasts. Now that things are getting busier in the shop, I realize that if I would knit at all, it would maybe be every other day.

One doesn’t have to have a hand dying business to realize that having an outlet is paramount to living a balanced life or even more so, bringing balance into your life.

Everyone has a different schedule. When and where you knit is up to you, but even if it’s 15 Minutes a day, your knitting session should be locked into your calendar and an event that never suffers.

I started doing just that and I find that my flow in life is much more balanced AND I am even more efficient in what I had planned for my day as a result!

*Check out my Blog Rituals and Organization: being present and bullet journal-ing. Having a knitting date is just that, renewal through ritual that you can depend on!

-Shawl featured in this Blog: #changyourmindshawl from Kountingsheep. You can find this pattern on Ravelry.

-Hand Dyed Yarn from -  Little Bishes Stitches Yarn You Make Me Blush, Lavender Fields, My Electricity