Our New Collection - The Golden Age - A celebration of Dutch painters

Many things inspire my creative process, nature, literature, movies, and even music.


But if I was asked what inspires me the most when designing and formulating our shop collections, I would have to say, it’s Art.


I have quite a few favorites when it comes to the artistic epoches of art history. But I would have to say that the oil paintings of the Golden Age, a period in art history that took place in the Netherlands 17th century is period that has made the greatest impression on me.


The dramatically dark back drops of countless oil paintings with luscious spreads of over ripe fruits, freshly harvested shellfish, polished silverware and insects inspired our next collection of speckled and semi solid tonals coming to the shop next!


The composition of these new colorways have been inspired by Dutch artists such as Jan Davidsz de heem, Veneer and Rembrandt.


You can expect colorways with dramatic hues of oranges, deep blues, reds and grey hues, all working together to recreate the subject matter as well theatrical lighting used by the Dutch masters of this period. Oh and not to be forgotten, like a lot of LBS colorways, there will be tonal of speckling going on!!


As a sneak preview of our mew line, we currently have a Yarn Set in the shop, titled „A Feast of Fruits and Flowers“. This set includes one speckled colorway as well as three tonals. This set is currently available in our Soft Sock Fingering, LUX 100% Merino High Twist, as well as our LUX 100% Merino DK bases. pre-order in the shop and will ship on April 17th!