Trunk Shows A Local Yarn Store Event

Have you ever heard of a “Trunk Show”?  If not, I am about to tell you how much fun they are and how they can open your world to hand dyed yarn!

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a Trunk Show actually?

Definition: A sales event at which a particular designer or company which presents their merchandise to potential customers, typically held in a shop.

These events are almost like mini celebrations within the space of a yarn store. A yarn store owner invites their customers on a certain date to experience and shop one of their favorite hand dyers.  This hand dyer can be locally, domestically or even internationally known. The dyer comes to the shop location usually with an overwhelming amount of their hand dyed yarn in all different bases and colors. This gives yarn lovers alike the opportunity to get to know the  dyer, their yarn, how their yarn feels and how it really looks in real life!  

Trunk shows can also be a great opportunity for knitters and crocheters to get together, chat, create and learn together. It is a wonderful side effect because it helps our community to grow!

These events are also great for local yarn stores too.  It lets the public know that you exist and a location for those who didn’t know about your store, to get yarn and making equipment. A trunk show gives customers the opportunity to experience your store, the yarn you sell and learn about other events you offer at your location.

Just for that reason, I would love to one day be a guest dyer at a local yarn store. I would really enjoy meeting other makers, educating them about my methods of dying and my favorite bases to dye. I would also have the opportunity to show some of my knitted works, created with the yarn I dye, so that fellow makers can not only feel and see how the yarn knits up, but what pattern my hand dyed yarn creates when knitted. I think I also would have the opportunity to learn from my customers, what they like or do not like and what it is they are looking for in a skein of hand dyed yarn. That alone would be very educational and what I would enjoy the most about a trunk show at a local yarn store!