Yarn Clubs...Why I offer them in the shop and what they mean to me...

Yarn clubs can be a celebration of a holiday, a special occasion that is dear to one's heart or a theme that brings one joy!

The theme of a yarn club doesn't always speak to everyone, but the whole mission of a yarn club, and it is one of the reasons why I love to create them, is that it gives the maker the opportunity to experience the theme that is being celebrated through the components of the club, in turn making their fiber project memorable. Not only can a yarn club generate a memorable experience, but it can even initiate inspiration for a new cast on or generate an idea for an add in to a project that has been on hold.

Yarn Clubs are certainly very present in the fiber world. One would ask themselves, if this offer has become so diluted that the initial intent no longer has as much meaning as it use to. This can definitely place a question mark on the value of a yarn club. However, what is often not obvious to the consumer,  is how much time, energy, love and creativity is put into the planning of a yarn club, which is an actual component that also supports the value of this product. In turn the value of the club isn't always completely represented.

A lot of energy and creativity went into the planning of our current yarn club "Do You Believe in Evil"  A Wednesday Addams inspired Yarn Club. The idea for this yarn club was evoked through the current change of the seasons as summer slowly leaves us and fall enters, not to mention my love of the Addams Family and Halloween. The collaborating makers for this club were therefore chosen with as much thought, love and enthusiasm as I have for this time of year. "Do You Believe in Evil" includes theme inspired hand dyed yarn from the shop, as well as a curated stitch marker from @sucresucreminiatures a clay artist, from the USA. The stitch marker featured was curated JUST for this yarn club and will celebrate the character and spirit of Wednesday Addams. Sucre Sucre doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creative, FUN hand crafted stitch markers that are always right on in their life like design! In addition, this club will also include one creepy & dark digital print from the artwork of @myeclecticmind, an artist also from the US. Heather is an amazing self taught artist who loves the darker side of life and orchestrates the most amazingly unique and macabre works of art!! 

Designing, planning a yarn club is very time intensive. A lot of of heart, love and spirit goes into designing the yarn colorways, not to mention the collaboration with the makers featured. I love unraveling the layers of an idea I have for a club as well as having access to avenues of inspiration when creating new colorways for the shop. When it comes down to it, curating yarn clubs allows me to be active in my creativity, offer other makers a celebration while crafting and to collaborate with other makes. And that brings me a lot of joy!



Featured Image: Spooky House, Heather Gleason, My Eclectic Mind, Instagram: @myeclecticmind. www.myeclecticmind.com