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The Pressed Flowers Hat - A Pattern Review

I recently finished the Pressed Flowers Hat from Amy Christoffers, also known as @savorknitting on Instagram and Ravelry. Amy is a knit wear designer hailing from Vermont, USA who enjoys working with natural materials such as wool and is inspired by traditional handwork, art and nature. Her concept really resonates with me as I also share these interests, especially when gathering inspiration for my colorways at Little Bishes Stitches. „Simple forms that celebrate classic knitting construction“. – Amy Christoffers The Pressed Flowers Hat is a knit wear accessory that is a cross between a hat and a beanie. Beautifully designed Amy composed a creative yet playful color work pattern that is easy to follow and fun to knit. The pattern offers many options...

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How to Be a Better Knitter

Like many Makers who enjoy knitting, I am on a learning journey to improve my knitting skills. In order to achieve this I decided to put more focus on growing and strengthening my skills, with the goal of having more confidence when learning new techniques, while not being influenced personal expectations. What really opened my eyes to knitting with more confidence and being less stressed from my personal expectations were the podcasts from Irina of Fiber Chats, Norman of Nimbleneedlez and Andrea Mowry of “I Will Knit if I want to. Fiber Chats is a wonderful Youtube channel where you can go down the rabbit hole of intellectual interviews on many topics pertaining to the learning process of a knitter,...

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Rituals and Organization - Being Present and Bullet Journal-ing

The Saga continues, how can I do it “better”. This sentence was my mantra in the final days of 2021. Let’s be honest, life can be busy. This shouldn’t mean however, while life is happening in the background, that we must lose our mind doing the things we love, like dying tons of hand dyed yarn, ha!. We just need, well…a plan and a starting point.  For me I needed a station and a visualization in order to carry this all out. Two key words came to mind: Balance and Overview. Create balance through Ritual - I decided to set up a small table in my living room where I would have only a few items that are paramount in...

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