The Dyer Behind LBS

Catherine Gaertig, Little Bishes Sitches Hand Dyed Yarn

In 2014 I learned to knit with the help of YouTube videos and the patience of family and friends. Like those before me, my knitting journey started with generic yarn brands. Shortly there after I fell down the rabbit hole of hand dyed yarn. There was something about this type of yarn that completely rocked my world. The application of the colors, the depth created through their contrast and the energy that explodes across the surface of the skein in a reign of speckles. When I found that one skein of hand dyed yarn, it always gave me a feeling of so much joy, as well as inspiration for my next cast on!
Discovering hand dyed yarn encouraged me to reach back in to my own artistic past and to use what the process of hand dying yarn had to offer when producing it. The yarn dying process is like shedding layers in order to achieve balance. It gives an incredible feeling of equilibrium, joy and inspiration. After my first dye session it became clear to me that I wanted to share this inspiration with other makers. And so Little Bishes Stitches Hand Dyed Yarn was born.
The integrity that is connected with my hand dyed yarn is very important to me. Most importantly, the integrity of the environment and the sheep that are generous enough to donate their wool for the skeins of yarn I dye in my studio. In this respect I only dye with yarn products that are Mulesing Free and are of a high quality standard.
In edition, it is my focus to keep the use of energy and supplies as low as possible in favor of the environment. When Dying yarn I make sure that my dying products are not frivolously wasted and that water is reused as much as possible. All of the skeins are washed with environmentally friendly soaps and weather permitting, air dried without the aid of dehumidifiers. Our dye recipes are designed so that the cooking duration is short, keeping the use energy as low as possible with respect to the environment.
Protecting the environment when shipping our products is just as important. Our products are shipped using biodegradable shipping sleeves and packaging.