Yarn Advent Calendar Scandinavian

Yarn Advent Calendar Nordic Christmas

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!! Pre Order for this calendar closes May 31st 2024!!

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Nordic Christmas

Get ready for a holiday season filled with warmth and a lot of Hygge, packaged just for you!

This year’s Yarn Advent Calendar is inspired by the Christmas Season in the Nordic Countries of Scandinavia. Scandinavia is best know for its cozy simple way of life and their Christmas season is no exception!

It is an incredibly wonderful time of the year that is filled with colorful twinkling lights, quiet and warmly lit homes which are decorated with minimalistic Christmas decorations and filled with smells of Gingerbread pastries!

What you can expect from this Advent Calendar:

This calendar will paint and illustrate the experience of Christmas in Scandinavian countries with the help of 24 original colorways, all of which are all individually designed and dyed with inspiration from the Nordic Christmas Season as it is celebrated in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Your Advent Calendar will be beautifully prepared and packaged so that it can be hung in your home and can be experienced as if you were spending Christmas in Scandinavia.

Advent Calendar Options:

Choose between the following options in either our Falkland SW Merino-, Non Superwash Merino- or Soft Sock Fingering yarn bases:

  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins.
  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins + 1 100g Skein.
  • 24 / 20g Mini Skeins + 1 100g Skein + Extras (Details below).

You can expect the following items with the Calendar option „24/20g Mini Skeins + 100g Skein + Extras“:

  • Canvas draw string bag, large enough to hold all of your Mini Skeins.
  • 1 Soy Wax Candle from Recycled Light Germany (Scents: Mistelzweig, Tabak, Preiselbeeren) *Please send me an E-Mail with the name of the candle you would like to receive.
  • 1 Scandinavian Christmas ornament.
  • Scandinavian Treats.