The Pressed Flowers Hat - A Pattern Review

I recently finished the Pressed Flowers Hat from Amy Christoffers, also known as @savorknitting on Instagram and Ravelry. Amy is a knit wear designer hailing from Vermont, USA who enjoys working with natural materials such as wool and is inspired by traditional handwork, art and nature. Her concept really resonates with me as I also share these interests, especially when gathering inspiration for my colorways at Little Bishes Stitches.

„Simple forms that celebrate classic knitting construction“. – Amy Christoffers

The Pressed Flowers Hat is a knit wear accessory that is a cross between a hat and a beanie. Beautifully designed Amy composed a creative yet playful color work pattern that is easy to follow and fun to knit. The pattern offers many options in terms of suggested yarn choices, such as sport weight yarn from The Farmer's Daughter Fibers as well as Spin Cycle Yarns

„My wish is to create beautiful and useful projects that are a joy to make and wear“.  – Amy Christoffers

One of the features I enjoyed the most about the pattern was the 3-D optic and texture that is reinforced by knit and purl stitches. If you knit this piece using yarn with a high fiber content as I did, this feature of the pattern really gives the hat substance. Not to mention the incredible feeling of the knitted fabric in your hands as you knit. This was such a joy and immense comfort for me while knitting this pattern. Not to mention, the techniques used in this pattern were very stimulating, professional and not at all stressful.

The Grand Finale of the pattern

I have knitted hats before, but Amy’s crown design has a beautiful and seamless finishing touch!  At first I was a bit uncertain I was following the instructions correctly. However as I continued to knit, the crown of the hat took on a subtle square form. At the center of this square one also began to see the formation of a cross, which I found very elegant, visually pleasing and tactile at the same time. For that last step, which was the bind off, I needed a bit of visual help from Knitting with Suzanne Bryan as I had never knit this technique before. This tutorial was super and explained very well.

Grade: A+

Knit Level: Novice/Intermediate.

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