Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and Day!! 🎆🕺🏼🥳

The celebration of an incoming year is exciting! It’s the opportunity to hit the restart button, set new goals or to even travel. No matter what you do, it’s your own design and that is what makes New Years so special.

This time of year is very important to me. I spend it, first and foremost, putting things into perspective and reflecting. I review what I have learned from the year that has passed and decide where I want to go from there.

2021 brought me a lot of curve balls, but it also brought the incredible opportunity to learn, and to grow. It’s an amazing feeling as a result, to feel your feet underneath you, digging like roots into the earth, with every experience made. You feel and live a different kind of stability. You learn to prioritize what is important, while at the same time,  cultivating your creative outlet. Because after all that is who makes you who you are. For creative people finding this balance is paramount and I am so grateful for the love and support of my fellow yarn lovers who helped me just achieve that!!

My Top Nine really proved this to me and I am very much looking forward to a new year of dying new tonal and speckled colorways, curating yarn clubs and meeting more of my fellow yarn lovers! I have so much planned for Little Bishes Stitches and cannot wait to share if all with you!!

Thank you for all your support and helping Little Bishes Stitches grow 🌱🧶

I wish you all a healthy and happy #2022